Carnegie Learning Initial Implementation Courses: Math

Introduction to Carnegie Learning's MATHia - Edition 2020 (CL102-2020)

Get ready to use Carnegie Learning's MATHia.

Participants will…
• Navigate MATHia from a student’s perspective and learn the key features.
• Navigate Teacher’s Toolkit and learn its capabilities.
• Prepare to faciliate MATHia with students.
• View and discuss MATHia reports available to teachers.

PD Hours: 6

  • Getting Started
  • Talent LMS Basics
  • Requesting a MyCL Account
  • Why MATHia?
  • MATHia Overview Video
  • What We Love About MATHia
  • Mrs. Briceño's MATHia Story
  • Why MATHia? Reflection
  • Introduction to MATHia: The Student Perspective
  • MATHia isn't practice software
  • MATHia Demo: Mastery Problem
  • Check for Understanding: Mastery Problem Demo
  • MATHia Exploration
  • MATHia Notice and Wonder
  • The Tools of MATHia: Key Features, Instructional Tools, and Engagement Features
  • Tools of MATHia Overview
  • MATHia Instructional Tools
  • Understanding the Skillometer and Progress Meter
  • Check for Understanding: Tools of MATHia
  • Tools of MATHia Reflection
  • Introduction to Teacher’s Toolkit: The MATHia Teacher’s Perspective
  • Accessing Your Teacher's Toolkit
  • Teacher's Toolkit Exploration Instructions
  • Teacher's Toolkit Exploration
  • Check for Understanding: Teacher's Toolkit
  • Teacher's Toolkit Support
  • Facilitating MATHia in Your Classroom: Keeping Students Motivated
  • Instructional Approach
  • Preparing the Environment for MATHia
  • Teacher Responsibilities
  • In Your Own Words: Teacher Responsibilities
  • Student Responsibilities
  • Setting Expectations for MATHia
  • LiveLab Walkthrough
  • Tips for Connecting MATHia and Other Resources
  • Done and Yet to Do
  • Digging into the Math: Exploring MATHia Modules (Optional)
  • Exploring MATHia Content Instructions
  • Exploring a Module Assignment (Optional)
  • Driven by Data: An Introduction to MATHia Reports
  • Intro to MATHia Reports
  • Understanding the Progress Report
  • Understanding the Session Report
  • Understanding the Skills Report
  • Understanding the Standards Report
  • Understanding the APLSE Report
  • Check for Understanding: MATHia Reports
  • Reflection: Using Data
  • Completing the Course
  • End of Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years