LONG + LIVE + MATH Content Academies

Analyzing Mathematical Tasks: Middle School (6-8) (M-C-210)

This course is the pre-requisite to beginning any of the Middle School LONG + LIVE + MATH Academies

In this course, participants will...
• solve, analyze, and discuss mathematical tasks.
• consider the effects of different levels of mathematical tasks on students’ achievement.
• analyze the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice.
• examine the role of the teacher in implementing high level tasks.

This course is a hybrid course (i.e. it includes both asynchronous and synchronous parts).


PD Hours: 5

  • Getting Started
  • Getting Started with the LONG + LIVE + MATH Academies
  • What Are Mathematical Tasks?
  • Quote Reflection: Mathematical Task Selection
  • Discussion Board: Mathematical Tasks Quote Reflection
  • Martha's Carpeting Task
  • The Fencing Task
  • Padlet: Martha's Carpeting and The Fencing Task
  • Comparing Mathematical Tasks
  • Instructions for Registering for Synchronous Session
  • Synchronous Session: Analyzing Mathematical Tasks
  • End of Session Survey (Live Session)
  • The Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Reviewing the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs)
  • Check for Understanding: SMP Matching
  • Discussion Board: Examples of Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Enacting Mathematical Tasks
  • Matching: Fraction Situations
  • Padlet: Share Out for Fraction Situations
  • Introducing the Task Recording Sheet
  • Looking Through the Teacher Lens
  • Classroom In Action: Background and Instructions
  • Classroom In Action: Fraction Multiplication Situation
  • Video Reflection: Fraction Multiplication Situations
  • Closing Activities
  • Quote Reflection: The Fate of Mathematical Tasks
  • Discussion Board: The Fate of Mathematical Tasks Quote Reflection
  • End of Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years