Carnegie Learning Initial Implementation Courses: Math

Introduction to Carnegie Learning's MATHia - Edition 2020+ (CL102-2020+)

Get ready to use Carnegie Learning's MATHia.

Participants will…
• Navigate MATHia from a student’s perspective and learn the key features.
• Navigate Teacher’s Toolkit and learn its capabilities.
• Prepare to faciliate MATHia with students.
• View and discuss MATHia reports available to teachers.

PD Hours: 6

  • Getting Started
  • Requesting a MyCL Account
  • Why MATHia?
  • MATHia Overview Video
  • What We Love About MATHia
  • Mrs. Briceño's MATHia Story
  • Why MATHia? Reflection
  • Introduction to MATHia: The Student Perspective
  • MATHia isn't practice software
  • MATHia Demo: Mastery Problem
  • Check for Understanding: Mastery Problem Demo
  • MATHia Exploration
  • MATHia Notice and Wonder
  • The Tools of MATHia: Key Features, Instructional Tools, and Engagement Features
  • Tools of MATHia Overview
  • MATHia Instructional Tools
  • Understanding the Skillometer and Progress Meter
  • Check for Understanding: Tools of MATHia
  • Tools of MATHia Reflection
  • Introduction to Teacher’s Toolkit: The MATHia Teacher’s Perspective
  • Accessing Your Teacher's Toolkit
  • Teacher's Toolkit Exploration Instructions
  • Teacher's Toolkit Exploration
  • Check for Understanding: Teacher's Toolkit
  • Teacher's Toolkit Support
  • Facilitating MATHia in Your Classroom: Keeping Students Motivated
  • Instructional Approach
  • Preparing the Environment for MATHia
  • Teacher Responsibilities
  • In Your Own Words: Teacher Responsibilities
  • Student Responsibilities
  • Setting Expectations for MATHia
  • LiveLab Walkthrough
  • Tips for Connecting MATHia and Other Resources
  • Done and Yet to Do
  • Digging into the Math: Exploring MATHia Modules (Optional)
  • Exploring MATHia Content Instructions (Optional)
  • Exploring a Module Assignment (Optional)
  • Driven by Data: An Introduction to MATHia Reports
  • Intro to MATHia Reports
  • Understanding the Progress Report
  • Understanding the Session Report
  • Understanding the Skills Report
  • Understanding the Standards Report
  • Understanding the APLSE Report
  • Check for Understanding: MATHia Reports
  • Reflection: Using Data
  • Completing the Course
  • End of Course Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Requesting a MyCL Account, MATHia Overview Video, What We Love About MATHia, Mrs. Briceño's MATHia Story, Why MATHia? Reflection, MATHia isn't practice software, MATHia Demo: Mastery Problem, Check for Understanding: Mastery Problem Demo, MATHia Notice and Wonder, Tools of MATHia Overview, MATHia Instructional Tools, Understanding the Skillometer and Progress Meter, Check for Understanding: Tools of MATHia, Tools of MATHia Reflection, Accessing Your Teacher's Toolkit, Teacher's Toolkit Exploration Instructions, Teacher's Toolkit Exploration, Check for Understanding: Teacher's Toolkit, Teacher's Toolkit Support, Instructional Approach, Preparing the Environment for MATHia, Teacher Responsibilities, In Your Own Words: Teacher Responsibilities, Student Responsibilities, Setting Expectations for MATHia, LiveLab Walkthrough, Tips for Connecting MATHia and Other Resources, Done and Yet to Do, Intro to MATHia Reports, Understanding the Progress Report, Understanding the Session Report, Understanding the Skills Report, Understanding the Standards Report, Understanding the APLSE Report, Check for Understanding: MATHia Reports, Reflection: Using Data, End of Course Survey"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years